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Hazara Singh (1922-2014 ) As A Poet

Hazara Singh who made his humble beginning long ago
Has traversed a long trajectory
With his publication in 1980 Just with Aspirations
And since then has been attempting to write verses in English.

 A poet Francis Baconian and Bertrand Russellian,
 He goes into the toes of theirs,
 Inducting in knowledge and wisdom,
Fact and fiction, Logic and reason.

 A poet humanistic, he is nationalistic and patriotic too
As for his connection with the freedom struggle
And being a freedom fighter,
He participated in, was jailed and his certificates confiscated,
With leaves of freedom-struggle turning into poetry-lines.

But the problem is in it He repeats the poems in his new collections even,
 A poet re-publishing them and adding to
 And as thus bringing out collections,
But instead of something distils it and drips out.

 A self-published poet, he has appeared in journals
And in poetic creativity,
 His movement is at snails pace,
Going with, slow and steady wins the race,
 A poet who has come of age.

A formerly head of the Deptt of Languages, Journalism and Culture Of Punjab Agriculture Univ., Ludhiana,
Singhs poetry is of the head Rather than the heart,
Carving his niche himself.

The influence of Bacons The Essays And of Russells
The Impact of Science on Society,
He learns through age and ageing,
Age and experience,
Fact and fiction of life.

Russellian knowledge and wisdom,
Nehruvian thought and action,
Quintessential in understanding his poetic space,
 A writer of the works, Yearnings (1987) , Expectations (1999) , Destination (2007) .

An old and aged man,
 Hazara Singh writes
Keeping in view, art or arts sake not,
But art for didacticism,
A writer with a didactic purpose,
 Writing experience-based verses for posterity sake.

His recreation lies it in healthy living and healthy thinking,
The zest of living,
A lover of Rupert Brooke,
 He is an admirer of the war poets and war poetry,
But not devoid of humanistic ideals and values

. Bijay Kant Dubey Submitted: Wednesday, February 05, 2014