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Raymond Remembered
href="kuka_movement.pdf" target="_blank" class="b" Tribute to Kuka movement,
         Baba Farid , Tagore and "Religion ,science and Literature"
Apostle of Non-Violence 2007
Freedom Struggle
             Against Imperialism 2007
Happy Meaningful life 2004
Seasonal Festivals
Universality of Hazara Singh
Sikhism and Its Impact
             on Indian society 1999
Lala Lajpat Rai an apraisal (2003)
button background="images/about-text.jpg" width="245" height="229"> colspan="2" class="text26"> Lecturer of English,Khalsa College, Amritsar 1950-53
Asst.Prof.of English, Govt Agricultural College,Ludhiana 1954-66 ;
Assoc. Prof.of English,Punjab Agricultural Univ., Ludhiana 1966-84,
Head,Dept of Journalism, Languages and Culture PAU, 1977-82; Vice-Chancellor,Guru Nanak Dev University,Amritsar 1985-88;
Member, Indian Society.of Authors, World Poetry Int, Punjabi Sahitya Acad, Ludhiana,
Int. Associationn of Poets,Essayists and Novelists, World Acad of Arts and Culture.
Fellow Guild Of Indian English writers,Editors and Critics (GIEWEC)
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latest news
World Academy of Arts and Culture has confered Honorary Doctorate Degree of Literature on Prof. Hazara Singh
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